Last NameFirst NameAccreditation/License NumberAcademic CredentialsAreas of Specialization Contact Information
AngCheriNZ RMTh/94Master of Music TherapyAutism Spectrum Disorder, Palliative
ChikDawnMT-BC/*11770B.A in Music Therapy Early Intervention; Developmental and Multiple
ChongClara C LHCPC-UK/AS16247PG DiplomaAutism Spectrum Disorder
ChowJacquelineRMT/654Bachelor of Music Therapy (Hons)Early Intervention and Early
EngCalvinMT-BC/*13224B.M in Music TherapyEarly Intervention; Developmental and Multiple Disabilities, Visual
HuShuyingHCPC-UK / AS16586MSc Music Therapy, NMTChildren & adolescents with ASD, developmental & multiple disabilities; Neuro-rehabilitation (Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, etc);
HuangYung-EnHCPC-UK/AS14155MA(Music Therapy)(Profound & Multiple) learning disabilities, ADHD, mental health in forensic
HuangYuruRMT/800Masters of Music TherapyNeurologic disabilities/
KohLynnRMT/855MA (Music Therapy)Early
KwanMelanieMT-BC/*5733Master of Music TherapyMedical, Rehabilitation, Hospice and Palliative Care, Mental Health, Learning Differences, Brain Injuries and Disorders of Consciousness, Music in the Womb, Music and WellbeingSound Connexiones Music Therapy Services -
LauwEtaRMT/857Masters in Music TherapyDementia Care, Multiple Disabilities, Autism Spectrum
LeeYi Jing EvelynRMT/726Masters of Music Therapy (Coursework)Dementia, Stroke, Neurological Music Therapy, Early
LiangGuoting FontaneHCPC-UK/AS13936MA (Music Therapy), NMTMental Health, Dementia, Neuro-Rehab, Hearing Impairment, Visual Impairment, Special Needs (ASD, ADHD, Sensory Integration Disorder) /
LimTammyMT-BC/*11641MA in Music (Music Therapy)Palliative/Hospice Care, Mental
LoiWei MingHCPC-UK/AS10106MA (Music Therapy)Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning
LowGraceMT-BC/13934B.M. in Music TherapyCommunity Music Therapy, Hospice and Palliative Care, Geriatrics, Early Intervention, Children with Special 
MaHannaKCMT/014-008M.Ed Music TherapyEarly Intervention, Special Needs(ASD, Multiple disabilities etc.), Hearing impairment and rehabilitation, Children and Youth with emotional and behavioural disorders. MySpace Psychotherapy Services,
NgWang FengMT-BC/*07091 Master of Music TherapyNeurologic Music Therapy, rehabilitation, dementia, palliative
RizainiFarhanaNZ RMTh/103Master of Music TherapyEarly Intervention, Paediatrics, Developmental
SimJen Yu ZhenRMT/828Master of Music TherapyEarly intervention, Autism Spectrum
TanIsabel; Lyn MeyRMT/809Master of Music TherapyIndividuals with Special Needs, Geriatric and Rehabilitation
TanXueliMT-BC/*5579PhD in Music TherapyMedical Music Therapy, Pain Management
TangMan Yin CorwinRMT/904Master of Music TherapyAutism Spectrum, Dementia, Parkinson,
WangRuyuIACAT/1281MA (Music Therapy)Autism Spectrum Disorder, Multiple
WongKaylaRMT/835MA (Music Therapy)Paediatrics, Multiple disabilities, Mental Health
YangShu-TingMT-BC/*09808M. S. in Music TherapyHospice, Palliative care,
YapSun Sun BMGF.GV.AT/353MSc Music Therapy, BSc Music TherapyNeurology: Stroke, Parkinson, MS, Dementia, CP and Aphasia etc. (Languages: German, English, Mandarin)
YongGermaineRMT, Austin Vocal PsychotherapistMasters of Creative Music TherapyMental Health