What is a Credentialled Music Therapist?

A credentialled music therapist is a professional music therapist who has completed a music therapy university programme and is registered with an accreditation board. The entry level of a music therapist in Singapore is a bachelor's degree or higher in music therapy. Music therapists may acquire up to doctoral level (PhD) academic training. All music therapist members in AMTS practising in Singapore hold credentials from their country of training.

Music Therapist doing a high five with a young patient


AMTS recommends the hiring of credentialled music therapists in workplaces. Credentialled music therapists have to adhere to strict competency standards and code of ethics to maintain their accreditation. They also have to pursue ongoing professional development to ensure quality in skills and knowledge in music therapy. These standards required for accreditation enable quality interventions by music therapists. It also commits music therapists to professional standards in their places of employment. For these reasons, AMTS professional members are also credentialled music therapists.

Please click on our Useful Resources page to find national music therapy associations where accredited music therapy programmes can be found.

How to become a credentialled music therapist?

Close up of a guitar being played by a Music Therapist

There are two ways to become a credentialled music therapist. The first is to complete the music therapy training in an accredited tertiary course and to be registered under a music therapy association with an accreditation board. The course of study is typically in the same country as the accreditation board. Upon graduation, music therapists must register with the professional national association in their country of training such as HCPC (UK), RMT (Australia), RMTh (New Zealand), KCMT (South Korea). The second way is to apply for accreditation as an overseas candidate with an equivalent music therapy qualification. This includes passing a board certification exam, e.g., MT-BC (USA). 

Currently there are no accredited music therapy degree programmes in Singapore and all locally-based credentialled music therapists were trained overseas. Our professional members have graduated from training programmes in countries such as Australia, USA, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, South Korea, Austria and Germany.

What is involved in music therapy studies?

In addition to taking core studies in music (history, theory, aural skills, ensembles) and music therapy, music therapists would have had fulfilled extensive internship or clinical placement requirements for their coursework. Depending on their universities’ focus towards music therapy training, music therapists may be required to fulfil course requirements in psychology, special education, neuroscience, statistics, physiology/biology, and other health-related topics.